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To ensure the safety of everyone who enters Morning Star premises the following safety measures and precautions are in place:

For the protection of the school and the children, we have a 16+ camera CCTV system that is active 24 hours, 7 days a week. Most areas in the school are covered. History can be viewed at any time and is kept confidential.

Electromagnetic lock and security code
There are three entrance/exit points into the school grounds. One is kept permanently locked unless there is an emergency or other unusual event that requires it to be opened. One is the vehicle gate that is opened by remote control (for teacher use) or activated from inside the school. One is the usual pedestrian gate at which parents and children enter or exit the school. This gate has an electromagnetic lock, which is opened by security code input at a keypad. The security code is changed periodically and all parents are informed when this happens. The gate is also locked by chain and combination lock over the weekends and holidays.

Panic Button
All the teachers have panic buttons that activate an armed response company signal in case of emergencies.

Armed Response
Should the electric fence or panic buttons be activated, an armed response company calls within seconds and if the correct password is not given, armed guards in patrol vehicles respond immediately.

At Morning Star we have our own guard/handy man who inconspicuously patrols the parking area and immediate outside during peak times such as drop off and collection times.

Sarai Muchindimusi
Sarai is the general handyman, gardener, cleaner and security officer. Sarai has been with Morning Star since 2008.

Inside Gate
Once access has been gained to the premises there are two internal gates to be passed through before accessing the children or classrooms; one is kept permanently locked, the other is bolted. Between the two are the kitchen and Principal’s office.

Electric Fence
The outside perimeter is enclosed by pre-cast concrete fencing (where the children play) or devil’s fork fencing. Above the entire perimeter,an 8-strand electric fence is active 24 hours per day.

Neighborhood watch
There has recently been talk in the area of a neighbourhood watch. Morning Star will support this initiative when it becomes available

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