"Whoever touches the life of the child touches the most sensitive point of the whole which has its roots in the most distant past and climbs towards the infinite future."

Example Menu

07h30 – 08h15

Porridge of mieliemeel, mabella, or oats with dairy milk (parents to supply soya or rice milk if preferred)


Morning Snack
09h30- 11h15

Brown bread sandwich with butter, jam/marmite/hummus, juice, filtered water & fruit




Lentil bake, mashed potatoes and butternut



Soya mince Boboti, white rice, pumpkin and peas



Umqushu (samp, beans and vegetables), broccoli



Summer: Macaroni and homemade tomato sauce with cheese, mixed salad

Winter: Country vegetable soup with buttered bread rolls



Dhal & vegetables, brown rice, gem squash


Afternoon Snack
14h45 – 15h00

Brown bread sandwich with butter, jam/peanut butter and Rooibos tea


Fruit and brown bread sandwiches are offered if children are hungry in between times and during the afternoon.

Food from the school kitchen
All the food served at Morning star is fresh, nutritious and healthy and is prepared daily on the premises. Breakfast of cooked porridge is provided every day for children who have the meal service.

Breakfast is available up until 07h45, after which time the kitchen is closed until snacks of sandwiches, fruit or juice are presented at around 10h00.

Lunch is served at about 12h00, depending on the child’s group. Lunch consists of a balanced meal of protein, vegetables, starch and fruit.

An afternoon snack of a sandwich and Rooibos tea or juice is offered at about 14h30. Fresh fruit and filtered water is on offer throughout the afternoon for children in After-care.

Drinking Water at Morning Star
In the kitchen we have an 'under sink' reverse osmosis water filter system so that all the water consumed by the children and staff, whether this be as straight water or in juice, tea and food preparation has been filtered five times and is free of any impurities.


Beauty and Josephine Mputhi
Beauty and Josephine are the kitchen team. Their main task is to prepare and cook the delicious, nutritious snacks and lunches at Morning Star, not only for the children but also for the teachers and staff - keeping everyone nourished and strong.  When they are not cooking, they keep the kitchen meticulously clean ensuring that all food preparation is to the highest hygienic standard.

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