“To aid life, leaving it free, however, to unfold itself, that is the basic task of the educator.”

The afternoon programme is designed to meet the needs of the children whose parents work a long day. The programme is open only to Morning Star Montessori children who are currently attending the school.Afterschool

A friendly and spacious Montessori-based environment provides the setting for a stimulating afternoon programme. This includes: free play,  an art activity or games and a general atmosphere of creative and happy activity, all well supervised.

The afternoons are minded by dedicated afternoon-care givers. After-care is staffed by five staff members until 15h00.  This is when the bulk of the children in After-care leave for home. There are three staff members on duty until 15h30 and then two staff members on duty until 17h00. If the number of late children is very low, one staff member may leave after 17h00.


  1. Parents have the option of a termly rate until 15h00 or after 15h00.
  1. There is a daily rate for those ad hoc afternoons that may arise.

Procedures for Ad Hoc afternoons

  1. Parents should notify the directress or Jenny of their intent for their child to stay for afternoon care (indicating what time more or less they plan on collecting the child).
  1. The afternoon - care giver will keep a register of the day-care hours used and the parent will be billed accordingly.

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